Idealism and Other Flow in Literary Works

Idealism and Other Flow in Literary Works
The streams contained in literary works can not be "stamped" completely to an author. Sutan Takdir Alisyahbana, for example in his work he is idealistic but also romantic, so he is also known as a romantic-idealist. In the flow of idealism there is a flow of romanticism, symbolism, expressionism, mysticism, and surrealism. While that which is included in the flow of materialism is the flow of realism, naturalism, impressionism, and determinism. Another school that views humanity as a unique person is known as the flow of existentialism.

The flow of idealism is the flow in philosophy which suggests that the world of ideas, the world of ideals, the world of hope is the main world of human thought. In the world of literature, idealism means a flow that describes the world that is aspired to, the world that is imagined, and the world of hope that is still abstract, far reaching the period of its achievement. In it is described the beauty of an ideal life, which is fun, full of peace, happiness, serenity, just prosperous and everything that describes the world of hope in accordance with the pleasures of a pleasant mind that no longer has ferocity, anxiety, poverty, oppression, injustice, backwardness, which bothers and afflicts the mind. Indonesian writer known as an idealist both in the novel and in his poetry is Sutan Takdir Alisyahbana.

This romanticism emphasizes the expression of feelings as the basis for the expression of the author's thoughts so that the reader is touched by his emotions after reading the expression of his feelings. To realize his thoughts, the author uses a form of disclosure that is as beautiful and as perfect and perfect. The flow of romance is usually associated with the problem of love because the problem of love does arouse emotions. But this assumption is not always true.

Symbolism is a literary school whose characters are not human beings but animals, or other objects such as plants that are symbolized as human behavior. Animals or plants are treated as humans who can act, talk, communicate, think, think as humans do. The presence of symbolism-based literary works is usually determined by situations that do not support the narrator or author of the speech. In old societies, for example where freedom of speech was limited by moral ethical rules that bind togetherness in community groups, their views and opinions are channeled through forms of proverbs or fables.
Expressionism is a flow in the work of art, which is concerned with the outpouring of the soul or the outpouring of the soul and not concerned with real events or events. A hard and explosive inner expression. usually regarded as a statement or attitude of the author. This flow first developed in Germany before World War I, the Indonesian author who was considered to be an expressionist was Chairil Anwar.

Mysticism is a flow in literature that refers to mystical thinking, which is thought that is based on belief in the One God Almighty, which encompasses everything in nature. This mysticism-based literary work shows work that seeks self-union with the Substance of God Almighty, namely the Lord of the Universe. During Classical Literature, Raja Ali Haji was known by his Gurindam Twelve who were full of mystical teachings. In literary works today that show mysticism, for example Abdul Hadi W.M., Danarto, and Rifai Ali.

Surrealism is a flow in literature that depicts the life and talk of the unconscious, dreamland. All the events described occur at the same time and simultaneously. This flow was influenced by Sigmund Freud (1856-1939) Austrian psychiatrist known as psychoanalysis of the symptoms of hysteria experienced by humans. He argues that the symptoms of traumatic hysteria experienced by a person can be cured through psychiatric analysis done with the patient's state of consciousness, not by way of hypnosis as was done by his colleague Breuer. According to Freud the hidden emotions are sexual. Man's actions are driven by libido, genuine sexual desire. By digging into the human subconscious, it will be returned to its original condition.